Meet The Manager

My name is Margaret Liver I am the registered manager of Waterside Care Home, a role  in which I am very proud of. 

I have worked in the care sector for over 30 years, I started as a night carer in a residential care home after continuing to develop my skills I then moved into a senior role  in a Dementia/ mental health service, shortly afterwards in 2015 I moved to the coast namely Blackpool, always wanted to live by the sea.

I wanted to stay in the same field and applied for a position as a carer at Waterside Care Home, six months later a senior carers position became vacant, so I applied and was successful,  I quickly stepped up to Deputy manager and finally,  I was given the opportunity in 2016 to become the Homes manager "I was delighted and as I have already said it is a role in which I am proud to have achieved"

I have a dedicated, skilled team and their goals are  to continue to deliver a high standard of care that all the residents past and present have come to expect at Waterside Care home.

Feel free to pop in for a cup of tea and take a look around.